Are you thinking of shifting from the network provider you are currently subscribed to on to another carrier? Or perhaps there’s a certain phone lying around in the house and is unlocked? Well, look no further.

With Vodafone, you get deals bound to suit you no matter what. SIMs are compatible with any unlocked phone you can possibly think of, along with having the most affordable of rates that you could possibly imagine.

Just insert your Vodafone SIM only into the phone, turn it on and check to find out if it’s reading either “barred”, “SP Lock” or “blocked”. Thats how you find out your phone’s unlock status. If it reads any of those, then your phone is probably blocked. Its really simple to unblock it though. All you need to do is contact your subscriber or visit any Vodafone outlet where a specialized technician will unblock your phone for you.

vodafone-sim-onlyYou have an two options to pick from when getting your Vodafone SIM. You can either select a pay as you go plan based on the selected number of texts/data/minutes or a per month pay plan.

As for the per month plan, the pay begins as from £8 and contracts last from as long as 30 days all the way to 12 months. This will accord you unlimited texts, though the number of minutes are to be limited for calls made within the UK. Depending on your phone type, plans may vary. Take for instance, a standard phone, and a smartphone will use different data lump sums, and thus the data allocated will vary.

The quickest way to acquire Intel on this is be consulting a representative at Vodafone.