Recommended Apps to Improve Networking and Productivity

Whether you have a to-do list to complete or people to network with, multi-tasking can be difficult. In this busy world, doing things more efficiently is in demand. However, the growth of mobile apps has changed the way people do things and meet people, making jobs and networking more efficient. Here are some of the apps that are recommended to get you through your daily duties.

The first app on the recommendation list is Vea. With many professionals being busy with work and other responsibilities, getting daily exercise can be tough. Vea is a fitness app that makes the thought of getting up for a workout less daunting. With this app, the more you work out, the more rewards you will earn. This is a great incentive to keep you motivated to stimulate your muscles. The rewards include discounts, free gear, and deals at local fitness stores or online shops.

If you are a traveller, one app you can take a look at is Inigo. If you are planning to meet people during your trip, this app can be handy for saving contact information. If it’s a business trip or in case you might meet your future significant other, Inigo has some great features. The app provides access to digital business cards and can encode handshakes to a CRM system. You can create a simple digital business card and share it immediately with those you come into contact with.

Another app similar to Inigo is Brabble. If you want to expand your network and meet new friends or business contacts, this is an app to look out for. Brabble provides an interactive dashboard that facilitates communication via video, audio, picture, and text. The platform also offers features to help you sell and purchase goods or services. If you are an innovator, it has additional features to help you save your patents.

The next app on the list is Wave. This app works for those who want to host larger events and gatherings. This is the social network app for event planners and coordinators. By creating an event on Wave, you can share details and facts about the event. This includes photos of the location, people attending, and information on available parking or entry passes. You can share the information with your friends or guests you have invited.

Mobile apps help many people get connected faster and get work done more with more efficiency. With these apps, you can enjoy a better social experience and form new connections that you would have missed out on. These are all free apps and come in various languages. You can find most of these apps available on Apple iOS or Android stores.

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