Top 5 SIM Providers

When it comes to choosing the best SIM only providers, there are multiple options that are available to you. The best five providers are hereby reviewed for you, and you can always choose from any of these five best providers. Three main benefits that you can derive from SIM-Only providers include keeping your phones, getting the best data you need, as well as getting the best minutes deals. After comparing the various providers in the UK, here are the best five providers we are recommending for you:

The Best SIM Only Contract That Offers Free Gift: BT Mobile

bt-logoIn this category, the best provider is BT Mobile. When you select this provider, you are sure of getting yourself a fancy deal (plus a freebie). Many people are looking out for this type of deal. When you subscribe for the services of BT Mobile, you are going to benefit from its BT Sport Lite app. You should know that the freebie you are going to enjoy does not include the BT Sport Europe, however, every other thing that you need is provided for your enjoyment.

There is no doubt that many people are going to like this free gift when you consider what it would cost you to watch such premium sport channels. Such exorbitant cost is done away with when you subscribe for services provided by the BT Mobile. You can now appreciate the great offer the company is making for the benefit of its customers. Many people prefer this because it remains the cheapest and the easiest way they can get access to the BT sport. The most interesting thing is that this deal is only available on its SIM; this means that it is not available on the Television. If you own either Android or iOS, you are sure that you would be watching these channels live. This means that if you have iPhone, Android, as well as iPad device, you can subscribe for their service and watch these interesting channels for free.

The Best Provider In Terms of Streaming Speed: Vodafone

The best provider in terms of this criterion is Vodafone. You are going to get lots of benefit from this provider. They are going to provide you with huge data plans, as well as something that would keep you busy with it. They do not only provide you the SIM, you are also going to enjoy at least six months subscription from them, and you can use this for any entertainment app of your choice. Some of the entertainment channels that you are going to enjoy include any of the following: Now Television, Spotify, and Sky Sports Mobile TV.

Great SIM for Fast 4G Internet Data: EE

EE is one of the notable SIM only providers in the UK. If you want to retain your phone and obtain 4G data SIM at the same time, you should opt for their services. Many people prefer this company, because their services are very reliable, bigger, and faster than all the other providers. You are going to benefit a lot such as fast 4G internet connection. Their services remain the best if you want to watch videos, stream music, play games, as well as upload photos to social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

The Best SIM for 3G Data: Virgin Media

If you want to enjoy a perfect 3G data at affordable cost, choose Virgin Media. They are even the best in terms of unlimited calls, mobile internet, as well as texts boot and so on. Most importantly, this provider offers the widest coverage in terms of network and flexibility of tariffs. This means that you can change from tariff to tariff at any time. It offers its users the opportunity to download the Wi-Fi buddy app, this app is going to be useful to you, and because it is going to help you get connected to Wi-Fi hotspots in various parts of the country. This is a great deal, which many subscribers often look on to get.

Best Provider That Will Give You Value For Your Money: TalkMobile

If you are looking for the provider that would give you value for your money, then you have to switch to TalkMobile. You are going to enjoy double data when you enlist for its SIM Only plan. You can get as much as 4GB of data and this will mean a lot of money for you. Depending on what you want to do online, this data would be enough for you. This double data offer is not available always, it is only available for a short time, and that is why you must hurry.

These are the best SIM-Only service providers in the country. You can get a lot when you engage the services of any of these providers.

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