Tips to Ensure Your Smartphone Battery Lasts Longer

Gone are the days when mobile phones could survive a week. These days it is hard for your battery to last for more than 24 hours. Given the wide range of capabilities in smartphones, you would understand why battery life is a concern for users. Developers are trying to come up with ways that will enable batteries last longer through their hardware development techniques. However, as you wait for the developments, you can still enjoy a longer battery life for your smartphone. Here are tips that will ensure your smartphone battery lasts longer by conserving it. The tips do not suggest that you use your phone less, so you need not worry about that.

Turn Off Vibrations
Vibrations are a great way of alerting you about messages and incoming callas especially if you are in a meeting or a place where you need to keep your phone on silent mode. However, if you are in a place where it does not matter, it is good that you use a ringtone to alert you. That way, you will preserve your battery because vibrations use more power than ringtones.

Dim Your Screen
If you dim your screen you reduce power consumption of your smartphone because you activate the screen every time you are using your phone. If your screen is bright, every time you check your phone for messages or emails it ultimately zaps your battery. You can choose auto-brightness setting that enables smartphones to adjust brightness levels to optimal to enable you read messages and emails and at the same time conserve battery life.

Shorten Screen Timeout
Another way of minimizing power consumption of your smartphone is by shortening screen timeout. You need to decide how long your screen will remain lit after you are done interacting with it. Most people do not always lock their phones after they are done with them; they just let lights go on by their own. Keep timeout duration short so that your phone does not waste power since you are not using it.

Switching Off When It Is Not Active
It is true that turning on phones consumes more power as compared to unlocking it. However, if you switch it off for a few hours you save more than when you leave it inactive or in sleep mode. If you are not going to use your phone for a couple of hours like when you are asleep or in a meeting, consider switching it off. It will save your battery. Note that you lower battery volume of some batteries when you keep on charging them.

Turn Off Bluetooth And WiFi
Consider turning off your Bluetooth radio especially when you are not playing music wirelessly. It can save up to one hour of your smartphone’s battery life. Wi-Fi radio seriously drains batteries. There is no point of leaving your Wi-Fi connection on if you are not connecting it. Turn it off if you are not within the range of your Wi-Fi network.

Take A Break From Notifications
Reduce rate at which you get auto updates from apps, news, emails and social media. Change notification settings to reduce the rate of alerts if you want your battery to last longer.

With the above tips, your battery will serve you longer than before. Just adhere to the tips provided above.

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