What Are The Benefits of a Vodafone Contract?

vodafone-logoVodafone, UK’s largest telecommunication service provider is part of Vodafone Group and boasts of being the world’s second largest network provider. Currently, the network provider has over 450 million subscribers all over the world, a larger percent being Britons. In addition to providing communication services to customers, it also sells mobile handsets, SIM offers, Vodafone contracts and internet. There are number of benefits that come with Vodafone contracts;

First, upon subscribing to the network, you get two months free unlimited data, used only within UK. You can go online as much as you want, getting to know all information you so desire without the need to monitor your data usage in the long run.

Secondly, you get a chance to insure your device. Although this is optional, insuring your device covers you mean malfunctions that come with dropping the phone on the floor or in water.

Moreover, in case your device becomes faulty, you get to have a courtesy phone to use in the meanwhile as you await your phone to be fixed. However, this is only applicable to customers who bought the phone from Vodafone.

Furthermore, you get a chance to stay in control of phone in terms of monitoring your data usage, call charges both home and abroad. This keeps you alert and you do not get stunned by unexpected charges.

Also, despite being late in rolling the 4G network plan, we have moved fast to ensure that it’s now ultra-fast, ensuring that you can enjoy some allowances on your data. With this, you, are able to enjoy what you love at faster speeds compared to other plans.

Finally, still on the 4G network plan, Vodafone provides its subscribers with entertainment, thanks to the red value bundles. You can enjoy up to two years of entertainment from NOW TV, Sky Sports Mobile TV and Spotify Premium.