Seeking an alternative mobile plan and still intent on retaining the current phone that you’re using? Look no further, the O2 SIM only has just what you’re looking for; Simplicity. With this SIM, you not only have the ability to switch networks in absence of hassles that entail buying a new phone (making the assumption that your phone is unlocked to all networks), it also is very budget-friendly seeing as you have the option of selecting a per usage charging system. If that may not be your cup of tea, you as well have the option of the ordinary monthly billing sins of a package. Any way you wish to have it should be best suited for your budgetary requirements.

o2-simFor the ones who do not want to mind about the updates on data allowance each time they get to their limit, you have the choice of acquiring the O2 SIM pay-monthly. With this deal, you select a plan depending on contract length as well as data usage(high, medium, low). The contract ranges as from 1 to 12 months, depending on your desire. Otherwise, you will have to buy a designated number of texts, data and minutes every other month. This kind of approach best suits guys that don’t really use their cellphones all day whether for business or for leisure, they may or not expire when the month ends so it’s best to reach a representative so as to get full details.

Finally, worth mentioning to you is the tariff On & On by O2 SIM only. Coming packed with unlimited texts, minutes and a data package worth 1GB . Thats to say you have the ability to browse needless to keep track of the data. Go through the listed options above to get a detailed explanation of every other plan’s cost, texts and minutes.