EE is a British based company that seeks to provide advanced digital communications to a large customer base. Today, one of their main goals is to broaden their audiences by offering their superfast mobile and broadband speeds. Because no other network can offer these services, they are looking for more people to join in and get the best. So, for those of you who want to know what types of services that they are offering you, here’s some of the main highlights.

Benefits of Choosing EE Sim-Only

Save your hard-earned money by choosing EE SIM only. With this plan, you get to keep your new phone when your contract runs out. Meaning you are not forced to buy an expensive new phone when joining EE since you will only be paying for the minutes that you use, text and data.

ee-sim-onlyEncourages You to Choose Idea Plan

Because all plans are made to be flexible and customer friendly, you have the options of choosing the idea plan that will fit your need. Offered in a varied of selections including minutes, data and text, customers have the option of choosing a 12 month contracts or rolling contract that covers a period of 30 days.

EE Provides Extras

In addition to enjoying the low cost of joining in, you will also have some extra benefits that you can take advantage of. These extras come with all of EE SIM plans so everyone has access to these benefits. Free Wifi on the London underground, EE Wifi calling services, and tethering is part of the data allowance are all part of the added benefits the customers will receive. Also, look for more about tethering and wifi calling in the FAQs.


How Do I Know What Type of SIM Card I Need?
All SIM cards sizes are now standard so there is no need to worry about the SIM card not being compatible with your mobile device. In comes in a pop out form that’s simple for the customer to use.

ee-multi-sim-cardWhat is Double Speed 4G?
Only available on EE and in 67% of the UK, this speed is 6 times faster than 3G (24-30Mbit/s). Meaning it lets you browse through the net faster at speeds that double the current 4G.

Can You Explain What’s Meant By Existing Customer Second Lines Offers?
This is another perk that is being offered to the existing customers that allows them to get a discount rate each month when they add another line to their contract. This option is available to customers who have an Orange or a T-Mobile Plan.

Do I Have The Option Of Getting Wifi Calling With a SIM Only Plan?
Yes, if you have a mobile phone that is compatible to make calls or send text over WIFI. In fact, the customer’s experience is seamless because it simulates a normal call. To find out more about how this technology works, you can read EE’s WiFi Calling guide.

What is Tethering?
Tethering allows a user to create a personal hotspot in the places that they need it. It works by allowing a user to connect their laptops and tablets to their mobile phones (i.e. 4G connections via WiFi). So, for those of you who like to take advantage of this option, you may need a larger SIM Only plan (i.e. 2GB, 5GB, 10GB).

What Happens When I Go Over My SIM-only Allowance?
You cannot go over your allowance. However, it is important to note that you will not be able to use any more data until the next month. Extras are available in the form of an ad-online via the company’s website.