With services in more than 170 countries, BT has become synonymous with quality communication services. And they are planning to increase their dominance even further, with their new BT mobile offers. Hardly a year ago, BT Mobile came out with SIMO or Sim Only offers. Currently, there are three offers which include some amazing features.

Advantages Of The New BT SIMO Plans

BT-sim-onlyFirst and foremost, is BT’s claim to have UK’s widest and fastest 4G network. A lot of happy customers are already enjoying its benefit. The company has laid special emphasis on their internet services, and that is exactly why they have also come out with their new wi-fi networks with unlimited access. With their broad wi-fi services which cover over 5 Million hotspot locations, not only can you stay connected all the time, but also save valuable mobile data.

Creative BT Mobile Services

Going beyond the age old services provided by every other company, BT has come out with services that not only cater to internet data, messages and calling minutes but do a lot more. These include mobile plans that you can share with your family, with up to 5 members on a single bill. Also, you can now avoid being billed unreasonably with the ability to set a cap on your spending.

But their most popular service has to be the BT Sports App, which allows you to watch live Barclays Premier League matches for free. Other services include limitless 0800 calls and the liberty to move to cheaper or more expensive plans, without the necessity of a new contract.

The advantage of moving between contracts without having to worry about what you have taken already, is something you would really love. You can move to a cheaper plan really easily, and with newer plans coming up every few months, you might just find a better plan for you.